some of the children living at the homes

some of the children living at the homes

one of the children's homes

one of the children’s homes

Wawa garbage dump

Wawa garbage dump

Our extended family, LifeChild

LifeChild Asia Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. It is my absolute joy to be involved with this LoveVenture over the past few years.

LifeChild exists to rescue and care for the abandoned street children of the slums and garbage dumps of Manila, Philippines. While our primary aim is to build and oversee a community of children’s homes, our heart is to continue to create innovative ways to reach out to the families still living in extreme poverty on the garbage dumps. See LoveWawa page for our most recent venture (

Family Model Homes

In recent years we have had the joy of witnessing two beautiful homes being built to completion. Our aim is to create an orphanage model that more reflects a community of loving families than an institution. We have fifteen precious children already happily living at the homes and you can be part of the nurturing and developing of this community over the coming years.

Please go to for ways to get involved; sign up for updates about the homes, donations are gratefully received though the charity website. This whole venture relies on the generosity of people like you! We would love you to get involved; why not take a trip with us, we take teams every year to visit and love on these beautiful people in many fun and exciting ways; we have hosted a hog roast feast and carnival, we have helped host wedding ceremonies right on Wawa garbage dump, enabling those couples to see their dreams come true of a ‘proper’ wedding. We have visited prisons, hospitals, schools, evacuations centres, slum areas and seen the most glorious miracles unfold right before our eyes.

I guarantee you will gain more than you can ever give away.

There is a Oneness we share as human beings on planet earth that we are beginning to re-discover, when we remember our original Oneness, our shared Source of Life, Our loving Creator, our lives are enriched in ways that we cannot explain. These people are our brothers and sisters and it is an honour to share in the rebuilding of their lives in this way!

For more info email me:

Maybe you would prefer to set up a direct debit with your bank, I will gladly share LifeChild bank details with you or you can give via paypal using the same email address or via the website link http://www.lifechild.

Forever grateful to you who already give to this LoveVenture X if you are already involved in this, please sign up for our updates so that you can share in the joy of seeing where your money goes. A little goes a long way!!


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