Ecstatic Evolution

A New Day of Consciousness is upon us, a Divine Consciousness away from the confines and restriction of dogma, fear and control. A whole new way of Being is emerging and we are all part of it…

I dedicate this space to the authentic unfolding, awakening of spiritual Life that lies at the core of who we are. This ecstatic evolution of the discovery of our Divine selves has never ceased to amaze, thrill and overwhelm me, not to mention shock the very core essence of who I am.

This awakening is taking place everywhere that human beings live. There is a universal spiritual awakening that excites me beyond words. This blog exists to nurture this Life blossoming inside of us, to voice this new consciousness of being, away from the restricting religious boxes of our time, that we have all known so well, the prescribed cultural mindsets that seem to want to limit and squeeze this Life out of us and to provide a wide open space for the Glory that we are, the Grace that we need and the Joy that we so long to live with…Life is beyond words, words are only symbols that point to a reality that already exists.

My journey of evolution thus far has taken me away from the fundamental evangelical Christianity of my youth to a wild and wonderfully ecstatic Life experienced in all its beauty in the everyday moments we all share.

To hear the birds sing, to walk along a serene beach, to sit under a warm sun, to kiss my children goodnight each night, to share everyday life with my husband, my lover, my friend are all now intimately intertwined with a spirituality that transcends any form of structure. This is not to be judged, this is my journey. One I am forever grateful for, one that I treasure day by day, one that I would like from time to time to share with you as it unfolds further.

I have no plan, no agenda, simply the unfolding and sharing of an authentic spiritual life blooming inside me.

Let’s share the ride!!


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