Divine Wild, Authentic Beauty

Authentic Wild

…marrying together wild living and peace on earth x thoughts to this end x

Divine Wild, Authentic Beauty

I absolutely love living so close to the sea, Llanelli coastal line is, in particular, a wild, raw beauty to behold. While a peaceful, picturesque place to visit on a sunny day, it can be described as almost untouched and raw at the same time.

This seems to be a reflection of my life, maybe that’s why I love it so much, the wild raw authentic beauty of the ocean. I feel so connected when walking along a beach, any beach, anywhere, it could be the flat white sands of St Pete’s, Florida or the rough rocky sands of Llanelli, Wales. It makes no difference in a sense, in terms of beauty, they both speak of divine wild, authentic beauty.

There was a time when my life was all wild. I desired the excitement and thrill of wild living as a teenager and experienced the ecstasy of a life lived to the full, no holding back, just fun, fun, fun. Unfortunately what passed for fun back then soon left me feeling bereft and empty in a few short years with nothing of beauty being expressed. This left me with a desire and desperate need for some sort of stability in my life, something that had gone to the wind as I sought to simply ‘enjoy my life’.

It was during this time that I experienced God in a very tangible way. This brought about the ecstasy my heart longed for, while at the same time provided the stability my life so needed. I knew that both these vital qualities existed inside a life lived consciously united with God on earth.

I met my husband at this time,I fell in love with his wild kindness towards the kids at a school we worked in, children that were very challenging at best. His genuine joy when he was with them, spending his lunch times playing football with them, the bursting life he had when around them. I loved the simplicity, the stability he had. I had by that time radically experienced God, my experience had been one of absolute ‘drunkenness’, totally overcome with joy and delight and had been this way for the two years prior to meeting him. I had travelled all over the place, visiting places where breakouts of God’s Glory were tangible and strong, the wilder the better, back and forth America regularly, working with kids in inner city Florida and in the Bronx Brixton, New York.

But here, in a school in Llanelli, I met a man who was the complete opposite to me, in character, life experiences, vision, lifestyle and I fell in love. How could the two become one I thought? How could my desire for wild living, albeit now in God consciousness, marry together with this man who simply loved life as it was, and the very children in front of him, content to live here, work here and build a life right where he was.

Well, that ‘two becoming one’ has been my journey on a much larger scale then my marriage, opposites coming together, the challenge, the inner work that goes on, the clashes, the thrill of intimacy and the humbling and transformation that takes place over time. I think my marriage has always been an outer picture of an inner work, that not only goes on inside me, but a work I see going on globally, first spiritually and then physically, beginning with the manifestation of God in the flesh, the man Jesus Christ and ending with universal mankind, men and women, God all in all, eternally one, reunited in consciousness. This is a universal reality that cannot be shaken. The ways of God, the way of Love is kind and unfailing.

I love a line spoken over and over in ‘A Course in Miracles’, it says,
“Nothing real can be threatened”.
In essence this is saying that what exists in reality at the very centre of our lives is a union with God, an eternal Love, a peace that transcends the physical, whilst at the same time invades every physical cell on the planet. A union of spiritual life with physical life, God becoming anointed man, anointed perfectly with Holy Spirit, He, She made one in flesh, in Christ Jesus, in you and me. Isn’t this what Jesus Christ reminds us of, an inner, universal reality, One Life, God and humanity one eternally, man woman, opposite natures coming together in bliss?

We have created religions that centre around transcending our bodies and in a sense I lived like that for a while, always looking for the next fix, the next ecstatic trance, the next outpouring of God’s tangible presence to overpower my body and mind; then there are those expressions that focus solely on responsibility, sometimes within the same religion, centered on action, organisation, financial security, attempts to save the world.

But there is an expansion that is happening right now, a spiritual awakening bringing about a purer consciousness, a higher consciousness, where religion of any sort attempting to ‘box’ certain aspects of the truth as the whole truth, can no longer thrive. This is good news, even though it is challenging for those of us who have lived content within out little ‘boxes’, especially for those of us who feel strongly that we have a handle on the whole truth already.

Personally I have been fixed for so many years on the ‘finished works’ mindset, the experience of being ‘drunk’ on God, that has become a paradigm in and of itself, a lens through which I saw everything, in some ways it felt cutting edge, I laugh now at that thought.

It was an enjoyable lens and one I am so thankful I had the privilege of experiencing the past 19 years. It is a lens that brought much freedom and security from the debilitating sin consciousness and self effort theology that masquerades as good news, a lens that caused much joy and delight, revelling in the love God has for us and the reality that cannot be shaken by what we do or do not do.

This very lens actually has caused a further ‘seeing’ into a more inclusive, radical love that has already embraced all before time began… the lamb of God was slain before the beginning of time. We existed in God before time began.

I find myself, as I am approaching 44, drawing wisdom, strength, joy from many directions all at the same time and am noticing a union, a marrying together of many differing belief systems. Just as the North, South, East, West are all aspects of the whole, just as masculine, feminine together reflect the image of God, so the truth can be more fully appreciated as we open up our hearts to fullness.

The inclusion of all of humanity in the life, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus Christ opened the door of my heart to a whole new world that I never knew existed. A oneness on planet earth that I had no appreciation of. A oneness that had been known and understood by many people already, mostly outside of Christianity. I am realising that all religions have some truth in them and that Jesus Christ, The truth, doesn’t care too much for labels, walls of division and theological wars, but is more concerned with our levels of love and pure consciousness.

So even though I have camped here a long time and there has been a safety in having a paradigm to relate to, parameters to stay within, so to speak, I am feeling excited to be discovering new ground, new lands to freely explore and venture into.

I guess we can all be paradigm pioneers within our spheres of influence, we will always be dreaming and imaging; the comfort comes knowing that we can never exaggerate the goodness of God. I have always felt the thrill of joy flooding my veins when I hear these words, and the desire to live my life knowing that I can never make God out to be better than He/She/They are. The fear of thinking I could be one to exaggerate the goodness of God has disappeared, and good riddance I say, what could be better than living life with this mindset.

I am / we are allowed to attempt to exaggerate the goodness of God, allowed to push the boat out as far as possible. God can do way more than we could ever ask or image, so there’s no need to be afraid, love is letting go of all fear, live fearlessly, exploring, enjoying, wildly, serenely, all at the same time. You are allowed to like it all, to draw strength from the four corners of the earth, to remain free and wild, whilst enjoying the peace of a stable pure consciousness, aware of Life in your body, aware of the beauty in the everyday Now, aware of the love and presence of God, with you, in you, as you, aware of your union with others, all others, the planet, creation itself. All is good, all is to be drunk in…Love the reality Jesus reminds us of with these words…


There is safety, there is excitement. There are new paradigms to discover, there are old ones to enjoy. There are divine feminine expressions to be created, there are divine masculine expressions to be discovered …all are coming together! There is a grandeur, a more expanded consciousness, where the things we held on to will become insignificant and the new will flow in and out of us with such ease, no more grasping, no more judging, dividing and labelling….we are moving towards peace on earth.

God is all in all….this is reality and there is a fresh consciousness upon us, there has never been a better time to drop the dividing walls and step outside our settled paradigms, Life is everywhere, Holy Spirit is wild and gentle at the same time, those gentle whisperings may need some attention, those wild desires may need fresh expression.

There can be a sadness in letting go of a precious time in your life in response to those inner nudges, but the authentic wild, the authentic peace is calling, it’s worth the discomfort of moving, shifting, responding right now. People may not know or acknowledge Christ Jesus as the beginning of a manifestation of peace on earth, God with us, in us, as us, eternally, right now, but His inclusion is radical, unconditional and cannot fail.

I guess what I’m trying to communicate here is a fearlessness to pioneer new paradigms, new ways of thinking, acting, ways that are more authentic, wild, stable, less judgmental, divisive, creating space for inclusion and oneness first and foremost, living out more authentically what we believe and who we are, from a place of contentment and wild wandering…Space to Be You X

Love hearing from you,
Always in awe of God in us,
Love you all,
Joanne x

new beginnings. wild living. perfect endings.



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