Oneness and thoughts on Divine feminine…

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share with you a few thoughts I have been meditating on, some recent discoveries that are blessing and transforming my life…in the hope that they will bless and transform yours too!!

Oneness and the inclusion of divine feminine…

You are love!

Our lives are vast and multi dimensional, I find that there are always various elements to the beautiful tapestry of our lives, sometimes all seemingly pulling in different directions at the same time. At first glance it can appear and feel like a negative tension that is beyond our control, but upon reflection we can begin to see that our lives are being molded and shaped as a whole. In reality there are no splits, no divisions, nothing is isolated but all weaves together beautifully to bring about a deeper experience of wholeness and perfection. We are made perfect by perfection itself; we are created holy by holiness itself, herself, himself.

We are Love…

God is Love. Any thought, experience that seems to challenge our peace and love that already exists in our hearts by the grace of God, is one we need to take note of, pay attention to and allow the Holy Spirit to unravel the illusion it has cast upon our perfect mind. We can learn to live in the unforced rhythms of grace. Our foundation, our solid ground so to speak is that we are created in love, for love, by Love Himself, Herself. We are love and we are one. There is a oneness on planet earth that we can recognize and enjoy eternally. All things are interrelated, even the pain we suffer when we do not appreciate the truth of who we are can help us look a little deeper into our hearts and discover the treasures of love hidden there, yet to be expressed.

Francois du Toit wrote recently that we have been so focused on a journey from the head to the heart, but in reality our journey is one from the heart to the head. Our heart knows, way more than we are allowing to admit, but our minds that have been hoodwinked into believing what the world, our family, culture, religion etc. has taught it, seems to be leading us much of the time. Difficult experiences can do that for us; help us shed those illusionary layers in ways that are beyond our present understanding. Nothing can shake or challenge reality. There is an unmovable and unshakeable love that undergirds this planet; the unconditional love of God, this love already exists in the most apparently deepest darkest places of the earth. It’s the darkness that is unreal, but it has illusionary power over us, until the light shines.

Living light…you are light!

Let there be light, these were the words spoken at creation, these were the words embodied in the person of Christ Jesus, and these are the words that reveal the truth about you…you are light. We are collectively the light of the world…uncovering and effortlessly manifesting this light in us is what it’s all about. Living a happy, fully satisfied life is who we are, not just something we desire. This is the real you, all you desire is already perfectly complete in you. You were created in the image of God, male and female we were created and so we remain forever the children of God. We existed in God before time began and in time we exist in God, the more awareness we develop of this reality the greater our world will align with our highest state of being, joy and happiness. Jesus Christ came to give us this understanding…an understanding of the light…in us, as us.

It motivates and empowers us to know that we are not only recipients of that love that transforms darkness into light, but that we actually are that very love itself. We are one with that same universal love. Our union with God is at the heart of the universe. All other understanding of our own identity will fall short of any real power to transform. An intimate relationship with Holy Spirit, Wisdom herself, will unravel any remaining illusionary thoughts of separation inside your mind and cause you to re-connect deeply with the real you, the mystical, actual you, instead of a mythical half baked you. Jesus Christ came into the world not to save you from yourself, as if you were inherently evil, but to save you for yourself. You were created for Glory; God’s desire for you is exactly like yours, to live in uninterrupted Glory on earth, as it is in Heaven on earth right now. God’s will is your will.

Further shifts in thinking…

One of the beautiful discoveries that helped shift my thinking tremendously of late was seeing sin not as an evil to be punished but a mistake to be corrected. You begin to paint an entirely different picture of humanity and therefore of yourself. One that more reflects the grace and love that exists in God for you. Fear dissolves in the presence of love and to treat yourself with such loving thoughts and attitudes is a sure way to experience the joy of life and make room for the miraculous power of God to work effortlessly in you, especially when you notice an undesirable ‘manifestation’ that you want to change. Being kind to yourself is the most godlike quality of all.

Our journey of late into oneness, the universal inclusion of the Gospel continues to unfold now to include the awakening of a female divine consciousness. It is already advancing and moving within our culture, but I’m so happy to see this consciousness begin to invade our ‘Christian’ thinking. Our Bible believing world of exclusively male dominated language is about to be challenged, not because the Bible is incorrect but because the Scriptures have been mistranslated with a definite favor of female subordination. I have discovered a few gems of truth the last few months I want to share along these lines.

Beautiful gems…

We have been taught in one way or another that because man was created first and woman second, that man is somehow superior to woman, and woman is man’s helper or support. If this was what God intended to say, then why if the animals were created before Adam is Adam not subordinate to the animals now? Such a simple thought, but nonetheless it undoes this line of reasoning effortlessly. Another popular idea based on Scripture; of course, albeit misinterpretation of Scripture is that woman came out of man, his ‘side’, and therefore is created for man again in some kind of inferior role. As we know Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, on purpose, He chose to come out of a woman, so now man, the last Adam, came out of woman, so does that now mean that man is subordinate to woman?

As Jesus Christ hung on the cross crying, ‘it is finished’, His side was pierced, thus healing this long suffered lie between the genders, this split between feminine and masculine power. His first appearance after His resurrection was to a woman in the garden, on purpose, reinstating women everywhere who had suffered as a result of the first garden scenario.

Sue Monk Kidd writes in her book ‘The Dance of the Dissident Daughter’ “I sensed how my exclusive identification with a Father in heaven had encouraged my estrangement from my female self, from earth, nature, Mother, and the wisdom and validation of these things. Patriarchy had created a world where spirit is split from body, humans from nature, and the natural from the divine, and I could feel those splits in myself”.

We have been so conditioned as women to just accept the ’norm’; that at first we may feel it blasphemous to include feminine within Deity, to think in terms of Mother God, for instance, or to refer to Holy Spirit as She…it is good to understand these same feelings have been created from a consciousness that is imbalanced and out of sync with a God who created us in their image, female and male, equally loved, valued and invested with divine glory. Beginning to tap into this divine wisdom that exists inside of me as a woman has been the most gloriously liberating experience thus far, bringing about a reconnection with my female self, a sense of harmony within and without, a new rhythm, a fresh confidence, an inclusive language and a deeper connection with the men in my life. It’s an effortless transformation but one that is ecstatically welcomed even if a little disruptive of what’s here.

Planet earth needs our mystical powers of compassion and mercy, maybe more than ever in the history of the world; our planet is on its knees as a result of this imbalance. I believe there is a great awakening about to impact our ‘circles’, one that has already been advancing for many years outside the church. Our men are in need of our influence and power and our children need to see the image of God on display, men and women, side by side, honoring and complementing each other perfectly. It’s not about females rising, reconnecting, at the expense of the men, but a holy union manifesting, male and female riding together in Glory. God’s Glory rests effortlessly upon His/Her/Their image, male and female, so until this is unraveled and appreciated for what it is, the Glory still awaits its full expression. The best is yet to be realized, the best wine is still be drunk, kept till last.

We are those who love the presence of God, in the presence of God there is fullness of joy, and pleasures forevermore, we know that firsthand. We know that the presence, the provision, the miraculous power of God rests upon His/Her image. That’s us, all of us. The Glory of God on earth, as it is in heaven.

…love hearing from you!! All is evolving, all is shifting, I anticipate a greater manifestation of Glory upon you, in you and as you in the coming days as we wildly embrace our divine selves and the wisdom that lies within us.

Loads of love
Joanne x



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