2014 New Year reflections!

2014 Day 1 :: reflecting over the year ::  Image  

 Happy New Year to you all…


What a year we have had…I cannot remember a more significant year in terms of shifting of perspectives and thus transformation of our minds, thoughts and lives.


I just thought it might be helpful to share a few of the most prominent shifts in my thinking that I/we have experienced this past year. Some thoughts may not be new ones but ones that have become more established in this past year, while others thoughts have only just emerged in 2013 and will continue to unfold in 2014 with greater acceleration and speed.


I am so thankful for these shifts in thinking as I know that our lives are reflections of our thoughts whether we realize this or not. A shift in thinking, a change in consciousness will inevitably cause a transformation in our behavior and so directly affect our everyday lives. There is no other way to really change our lives other than a lift in consciousness, a change in thinking.

(‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ Rom 12:1)


Upon reflection I consider the following words to be the most significant changes that have taken place in my\our minds and hearts during 2013…


  • A move from conference type meetings to a more family type of gathering, where we really feel connected to one another in the most glorious way. The ‘need’ to meet has dissolved and the desire to meet will unfold naturally in the coming year as and when. The reality that we are journeying together as family has been formed.


  • A move from an intellectual understanding of union with God and each other to a conscious awareness that we really are one. This is most prominent in our thoughts right now and extends way beyond any ‘gathering’ but is an exciting reality unfolding in our everyday lives. Stories will continue of this reality and I anticipate that when we do ‘meet’ stories will abound from us all.



  • A move from a purely masculine language when referring to God. This is still embryonic in its phase among us but nonetheless has emerged and will continue to gain momentum in our thoughts and awareness into 2014. Our way of relating to Father God will extend now to Mother God also and thus address the imbalance that still exists between the sexes.


  • The emerging of Divine Feminine imagery; Mother God, birthing, nurturing, caring, family (we) will effortlessly heal our psyches from our imbalance and will further nurture our young consciousness of mystical oneness and interconnection. It will also deepen our awareness that the earth is alive and divine, causing our experience of nature to be one of ecstasy and joy on the one hand and care and compassion on the other. This will also establish a consciousness of liberation for women, thrusting a woman into the ‘struggle’ for value, dignity, and power for every human, causing again pure ecstasy on the one hand as newfound freedom is experienced as women reconnect with the core of who they are, while on the other hand the pain of what has been done to women globally and within Christendom will be felt afresh.



  • A remembering that we existed in God before time began, which inevitably takes us back further than the cross, even creation itself and the whole mindsets that have become hung on these two cosmically significant historical events; mindsets that have revolved predominantly around sin, death and sacrifice through the fall of humanity and the redemption of all through the birth,  ‘sacrificial’ death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These whole mindsets are being lifted and restored to the original heart and mind of God, providing a new ‘lens’, a new perspective with which to read scripture, view ourselves and others, one of union, unconditional love and acceptance.


  • A fresh effortless realization that we are equally spiritual beings and wholly holy human beings, male and female, so healing the split, the divide that exists in our psyches (spiritual/natural; male/female; heaven/earth; ministry/family; science/religion; God/humanity etc.).



  • An ecstatic awareness of the beauty and divinity that resonates from every tree, every bird, and every wave that crashes majestically upon our shores. This again is restoring the great gulf that religion/Christendom has created between ‘spiritual’ vocations and ‘ecological’ vocations. I see a greater compassion developing within us with regards to the planet and alongside this a more mystical pleasurable experience of our world.


  • This oneness consciousness has already transformed our hearts and minds and affected an expansion in us towards our brothers, sisters, near and far. The extreme poverty that exists in our world can be eradicated; our own experience of ‘salvation’ on this planet is wrapped up in us giving ourselves to this reality, loving one another; this will continue to unfold rapidly in 2014.  Radical love casting out all unwanted fear and poverty will take a grip of our hearts and turn our lives in this direction.



  • A realization that all fear and judgments are illusions of some sort that veils the true identity of who we are. God is Love. We are love and any distortion to this reality is just that ‘a distortion’ and illusion. Every human person has been embraced in God, Christ Jesus is a manifestation of just this thought, and his murder was to show that nothing could or can separate us from the love of God. Even the death and murder of Christ Jesus (God made flesh) resulted in forgiveness and resurrected life. Any manifestation of ‘sin’, or lack of love, of fear or hatred is a cry for help not punishment. There is enough punishment in the actual outworking of any thoughts that do not contain love as their driving force. Any ‘punishment’ given by God’s loving hand has behind it the loving corrective force of a Mother’s/Father’s heart towards their own.


  • Hell is what is experienced as one turns from Love itself, Love Himself, Love Herself towards a life that is less than, lower than what one truly is.



  • Love is all there is!


I have shared some of the most poignant thoughts that have worked their way gloriously into my life this past year in the most weird and wonderful ways (ways that would take an entire book to share lol) but I leave you to reflect upon your own transformation. I guess we are joyfully engaging in what some call a more mystical path, one of unashamed transformative love and Glory. I anticipate a year where perfect love continues to cast out all unwanted fear at a pace that will shock and thrill our expectant hearts. I have perfect confidence that this in itself will bring about any changes to your circumstances that you desire, from physical healing to financial freedom to a greater sense and awareness of the presence and love of God in your daily life and much more.


A sense of mastery will replace a sense of being under circumstances as we walk through this next year, we are beginning to understand how things work as well as continue to experience the ecstasy behind the whole universe.


I look forward to times of gathering together to share stories and ‘air out’ new thoughts and experiences. I treasure our times together and I also value your sharing in our new Love Venture in Manila. We can help to rebuild this beautiful nation.


I look forward to further to trips to Manila this year and other beautiful places, to visit family and friends, so why not prepare yourself now to come and join us again or for the first time, join a team of happy loving hearts and create a whole new world for yourself and your loved ones as you connect with new faces.


I look forward to whole new way of being and living, new ventures, restored dreams and brand new flow of provision and freedom for us all.


All is possible!!


I love to hear from you, feel free to share your thoughts with me, let me know if these thoughts reflect your own. I have had times of stillness and quiet this past year as some of these thoughts have taken shape within but I am sensing too a renewed desire to write, to create and share these thoughts with the whole world LOL


Lots of Love

Joanne x





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