God becoming one of us…

Here are a few thoughts, well more like a torrent of thoughts… LOL that I‘ve been meditating on of late LOL
To be honest with you I am exploding with revelation concerning His Incarnation (Him becoming one of us)…this seems to me to be the forgotten GEM that is now emerging in our midst that shines brighter than any diamond or precious stone I’ve ever seen.

Everything can be re-thought through this one glorious gem!

For Dave and myself and many others our whole beings are being transformed as we are allowing the Holy Ghost to re-shape our thinking on nearly everything and we cannot contain what we are seeing any longer…this revelation of His invasion to planet earth in a human body seems to sum up all the ‘accidental freedom’ that we have stumbled upon in our ‘intoxication’ the past few years…in His Grace and mercy He now reveals the ‘wisdom’ behind the craziness, not that we needed a reason LOL.

In fact in His good time He reveals the hidden wisdom, and oh how it GLOWS!!! I am so thrilled that He alone is able to lead us and guide us even when we don’t understand, a simple child like surrender goes a long way, all the way in fact.

Rom.12:1-2 ‘Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’

If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled and be not moved away from the hope of the Gospel, which ye have heard…’

The fall of man was through DECEPTION, the enemy is the father of lies. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the life. He is the way out of all lies…He is our wisdom, He is our response to the Father, He is our obedience, He is our peace. HE IS…HE IS…HE IS…I AM…I AM…I AM…Paul is talking about us being alienated or estranged in our minds.

…we cannot fail

Right now, He sits, enthroned, as a man in heaven, all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Him…the fact that He is a man brings great hope and assurance to us as we cannot do wrong, we cannot fail as HE IS OUR SUCCESS, HE IS OUR UNION WITH GOD, HE IS OUR LORD. Everything that He is WE ARE…

This is the Gospel, Jesus Christ our all in all. He, the second, last Adam, risen from the death of our sin, our guilt, our hell and perversion of life, all of our separation and ONCE AND FOR ALL brought us to His Father, Our Father forevermore. Our union with Father God is a done deal; this is the Good News for all.

He has forever, singlehandedly, accomplished the plan of Father God and now Holy Spirit is here to make known our BLISS in Christ… Jesus is a universal Saviour; He took away the sins of the whole world. He has restored the broken fellowship with God, there is now no separation between heaven and earth, between humans and God, the God man Jesus Christ swallowed up the whole human race as it existed before, heading for destruction, all its dysfunctional individuals and NOW He has consummated, united, unified ALL THINGS IN HIMSELF.

Something so UNIVERSAL and GLOBAL has happened that no nation, no person, no field or stone in all of creation untouched from His all consuming presence and fiery love…the SEEED has been planted in this earth and the fruit is inevitable…

Ephesians 1:10

‘In the economy of the fullness of time, everything culminates in Christ; all that is in heaven and all that is in earth is reconciled in Him.’ The Mirror
‘That in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ.’ KJV
‘for the government of the world when the times are ripe for it – the purpose which He has cherished in His own mind of restoring the whole creation to find its one Head in Christ.’ Wey
‘to give history its fulfilment by resuming everything in Him.’ Knox
‘as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in Him.’ RSV
‘that all human history shall be consummated in Christ.’ Phi
‘He planned for the maturity of the times, and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in Christ, [both] things in heaven and things on the earth.’ AMP

Could this possible mean NOW…has the fullness of time, the fulfilment of history, the ripening of the world, the climax of the ages come?

You wouldn’t think so if you talked with most Christians today lol
Many of us have been taught that this Scripture refers to the time when Christ returns…one day, in the future, BUT …let’s reconsider, as we look at another verse that I have found which says exactly what the above says and more-

GAL 4:4
‘But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law.’ KJV
‘But when the proper time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born subject to the law’ AMP
‘But when the full time came, God sent His Son-born a woman’s child, born subject to the Law-‘ TCNT

This coming of the fullness of time occurred…when? When Jesus Christ, God’s Son became a man…we are post this time and all things have changed. A global reformation, a restoration, a final recreating of all things back to their original intention and design has been accomplished. The consummation of all things… Oh my goodness, so this verse tells us that the climax of the ages has come.

…the language of faith.

This plan of salvation for the whole world began in the heart of the Father, Jesus Christ was ordained to carry this plan out and He finished His work, He accomplished the desire of the Father perfectly and NOW the Holy Ghost is assigned the wonderful job of making all this known to our hearts. This is a Father, Son, Spirit operation and we have been gathered up, included in the heart of the Trinity forever.

The incarnation, God becoming one of us began this turn around, His response as a man is now our response to God. He lived a perfect obedient, harmonious life of pure bliss with His Father through the Holy Spirit as He forged a new life for all men. He united God and men forever, singlehandedly.

He responded for us…

We have been so rescued, so accepted, so adopted, so favoured, so restored to dominion and authority, so included in His reign as Lord of this planet…if we would just relax into His firm embrace, realise how gathered up we really are, understand that His is the only response that matters…we would be deeply set free to believe, love, serve, and ‘DO’ whatever pleases Him with our lives…

The gospel is the power of God, and it’s fully HIM, He is not only our saviour but our entire salvation from beginning to end…He really Has done it all…if we still think…oh it’s too easy…there must be something we are required to do to possess this peace, joy, righteousness, acceptance that you‘re talking about….those very thoughts expose how deeply we trust ourselves , how deeply sin has wrapped itself around our minds and convinced us that we are responsible for our own destinies! That we are able to change ourselves and now that we are saved we can by our efforts, religious efforts live out these glorious lives He has willed for us…

to press in to God, to pursue Him, to seek hard after Him, won’t the people backslide and fall away from God??…mmm…if that’s the only kind of ‘Christianity’ we have known, if we can really call it Christianity, then we desperately need to go back again and recover the bliss of our salvation and be reminded that we could not reach out to Him, so He came to us, we were helpless and hopeless in this world BUT GOD…when we were dead in our sins He died for us.

…it doesn’t take long once this revelation has unfolded for you to realise that you are in fact unable to respond sufficiently to God …not only to reach out to God but unable to live out this amazing existence of perfect union with God on a daily basis…UNTIL we deeply realise (with no IF’S and BUT’S) that we are incapable, we are unable, BUT HE HAS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED IT ALL FOR US, AS US, the blissful existence that’s ours, we cannot truly begin to enjoy the destiny that is ours in Christ. The love gift that has been given already to every human soul. We not only died with Him, but we live with Him, it’s all Him, no us, not I, but Christ. This is the gospel message it’s not something you learn after you ‘get saved’; after you’ve repented of your sins and responded correctly to God. That whole emphasis is based upon a misinterpretation of what it actually means to repent (to agree with God, to change your mind). As if until you can repent you are not included in this love gift, this grace that covers and removes all sin. The reality is the other way around, until we hear this truth about us, we cannot truly change our minds about ourselves and God, we cannot really agree with God (repent).

…until Christ is formed in you

Christ becomes formed IN US by the gospel, the gospel restructures our brains if you like, it causes our hearts to become circumcised and our ears to hear a different language, the language of faith becomes our first language and His Presence, his all consuming embrace becomes our home…

Paul spent most of his life defending the truth of the gospel, he even confronted Peter publicly over these matters. It was essential…and still is. A little leaven will leaven the whole lump. Paul told the Galatia Church that he was experiencing labour pains all over again for them, until Christ was formed in them…what was Paul saying? Studying his letter to the Galatians we can see that they had wandered from the truth of the gospel, they had been bewitched; they had been convinced that they too needed to be circumcised, even though they were not Jews. They were in danger of mixing their pure child like faith with some form of human effort…and that was the danger, the evil persuasion they had succumbed to.

Our Christianity that we have inherited is ‘mixed’ with all sorts of human effort requirements and it’s the very thing that short circuits us from the power of God. The Holy Ghost is committed to sniffing out these lies and ‘persuasions’ and eliminated them once again, so that we can soar with God on earth and witness the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen.

Your efforts are not required…

The Incarnation is one element of the gospel that seems to have been forgotten, the explosion for me lies in the fact that He becoming one of us, responded for us and so our life of union in Him is ALL HIS DOING…God hugging the world to Himself in Christ (the God human ward movement) and Christ responding back to the Father (the man God ward movement) in perfect obedience and complete harmony as a man, for man. The complete circle of love, we were laid aside for lack of ability in our fallen state and ALL was done on our behalf for us, as us. We now get sucked into this perfect work and are brought back home where we belong, perfectly rescued by Him.

My passion for years has been to see the purity of the gospel restored again to the church, as it really is the power of God. We can have a prayer movement, a prophetic move, a signs and wonders move of God and I love any and every movement of God on this planet, but if it isn’t engulfed and saturated with the ONE MOVEMENT that consummated all things, then it will fall way short of the one purpose, that is to demonstrate the power of God on earth through you. Christ in you the hope of glory!!

God’s REST in His finished work is a serious business, there is no room in His economy for fallen man’s help in any shape or form, fallen man has been crucified, resurrected and seated in heaven as a new man in Christ.
Christ is our new HEAD, our Source of life, He is the last Adam, and we, the church are the beginning of the harvest of all those who have been raised from the dead. It’s a creation story all over again and Christ has become for us our SABBATH REST. God rested from His works on the 7th day, and Christ is the fulfilment of the seventh day prophetically. We are in the seventh day prophetically and so we are truly in a time of fulfilment.

To know this will effect our language!!

Jesus said in Luke 12:50 that He had a baptism to be baptised and how he was constrained until it was accomplished…when He hung on the cross He cried out those awesome words…IT IS FINISHED.

His baptism into death, hell, the depths of fallen man’s destruction and guilt was a baptism that resulted in a global resurrection, a new birth, a new world order LOL…are these words too difficult to grasp?…these are not new, but they have been hidden from our eyes for some time.

Early Church History teaches us-

Irenaeus (died AD 202) was a disciple of Polycarp (who studied with the Apostle John). Irenaeus sought to show that the gospel of salvation taught by the apostles and handed down from them is centered on Jesus. He saw that the Bible presents the Incarnation as a new point of beginning for humanity. Through the Incarnation, the entire human race was ‘born again’ in Jesus, delivered from the sin and death that had enslaved the world since Adam. In Jesus, humanity has a new beginning and a new identity.

The biblical foundation of Iranaeus’ thinking included Paul’s statements in Romans 5, where Jesus is presented to us as the ‘second’ (or final) Adam of the human race. ‘In Jesus’, write Iranaeus, ‘God recapitulated in Himself the ancient formation of man [Adam], that He might kill sin, deprive death of its power, and vivify man…’ (Against Heresies, III.18.7).

Athanasius (died AD 373) defended the Gospel against false teachers who denied the Son’s eternal divinity. This defence led to the formulation of the doctrine of the Trinity affirmed at the Council of Nicea in AD 325. In his treatise on the Incarnation, Athanasius wrote the following:

‘Thus, taking a body like our own, because all our bodies were liable to the corruption of death, He surrendered His body to death in the place of all, and offered it to the Father. This He did out of sheer love for us, so that in His death all might die….This He did that He might turn again to incorruption men who had turned back to corruption, and make them alive through death by the appropriation of His body and by the grace of His resurrection…’

The Word of God came in His own Person, because it was He alone, the Image of the Father, Who could RECREATE man made after the Image. Thus it happened that two opposite marvels took place at once: the death of all was consummated in the Lord s body; yet because the Word was in it, death and corruption were in the same act utterly, and abolished. Death there had to be and death for all, so that the due of all might be paid.

Wherefore the Word…being Himself incapable of death, assumed a mortal body, that He might offer it as his own in the place of all, and suffering for the sake of all through His union with it, ‘might being to nought him that had the power over death, that it, the devil, and might deliver them who all their lifetime were enslaved by the fear of death’ (Hebrews 2:14,15)

By His death salvation has come to all men, and all creation has been redeemed.

Athanasius and Irenaeus emphasized that the Incarnation, when the Son of God became a human being, affected all humanity. God chose to save humanity through the birth, life, sacrificial death and resurrection of the Incarnate Son of God. This is the essence of the gospel understood by the early church and revealed in the Scriptures.

So it’s a new beginning and a new identity…

We have spent a weekend at St Madoc this month, in an area known for its outstanding natural beauty, and we enjoyed every minute. The company and the surroundings were perfect for what God was doing among us, restoring the gem of the gospel to our hearts, the gem of outstanding beauty…many fell into trances for hours, overwhelming joy and ecstatic delight, we baptised Joshua Lowe in the sea (our first baptism) and just generally had a great time, after all, it was a religious detox weekend…as we celebrated Dave’s 40th birthday together lol.

We as a people are being transformed…I wonder if I will ever (or should) ever come to a place where transformation is no longer required??? LOL

Anyways, it’s a word that has become our testimony. We are no longer looking back to an amazing encounter we had, or some fantastic revival meetings we attended, even though we have experienced both many times in many ways, we are currently at this present moment living in the light of the Glory that is shining upon our hearts as the revelation of the gospel unfolds before us and we are being transformed everyday.

It’s such a relief…

I stand amazed and everyday I experience a greater relief that this gospel does not require what most are preaching as a requirement in this day and hour. Our gospel us one of freedom and perfect union now on earth as it is in heaven.

The Word became flesh and lived among us, God broke into time and space and took upon Himself our time and space in our fallen humanity and converted and transformed and recreated it into something totally new and wonderful. He restored in man the perfect image of God and did it singlehandedly through becoming one of us and nailing our old identity to the cross and resurrected as a new man, The Man, the firstborn from the dead. A brand new humanity for eternity.

Swallowed up in love…

Jesus Christ our Source, our Head, our Creator, far superior to Adam in everyway.
This grace of God in Christ is OUT OF ALL PROPORTION to the fall of man… This is glorious, this is all consuming, this is incredibly good news, could it be that we need to re-think what we believe and allow the Holy Ghost to re-shape our lives…and I have a feeling that what will form within us will be the very person that everyone needs to see.

Could it be that Christ will be seen again IN YOU…IN US?

I love hearing from you all, we are journeying together, this is a new day and we have a new identity!!


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